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Kashmiri Saffron 5 gram

Kashmiri Saffron 5 gram

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Buy 100% Pure Organic Kashmiri Saffron, Premium, Natural & Authentic.


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84+ Minerals

Upto 82% Fulvic Acid

3rd party tested by NATA-Accredited lab in Australia

GMO, Vegan & Halal

Lab Tested

Sun Dried Natural Purification

Consistent Quality Satisfaction

Under $1 Per Day

Purified to Extract Heavy Metals

No Artificial Color or Preservative

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What is Saffron?

Saffron, also known as Kashmiri Kesar, is revered for its vivid color and unique flavor. It’s handpicked from the stigmas of Crocus sativus flowers, containing potent antioxidants and carotenoids.

Why Buy from Us?

Our Saffron is sourced from pristine fields, ensuring purity and authenticity. Each delicate strand retains its natural aroma and rich flavor.


With its potent antioxidants, Saffron supports mood balance, aids in relaxation, and offers potential health benefits, including ocular health support.

Recommended Dose

Use a pinch (approximately 100 mg) in culinary creations, teas, or milk for flavor enhancement and potential health advantages.

Recommended Duration of Use

Regular inclusion in daily cooking or beverages for ongoing flavor enhancement and potential well-being support.

Kesar recommended for health benefits:

Add 5 threads of kesar in 2 litres of lukewarm water all night and drink that water all day.

Caution and Warnings

Individuals with specific allergies should use caution and avoid excessive consumption.

Recommended Use and Cautions

No more than 5 threads in warm water/ milk/ tea.

Food preparation as per recipe requirements.

Warning : Some common side effects include drowsiness, stomach problems, and nausea or vomiting. Allergic reactions are also possible. Taking large amounts of saffron by mouth is possibly unsafe. High doses of 5 grams or more can cause poisoning. Consult a doctor in these cases.

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22 reviews for Kashmiri Saffron 5 gram

    May 14, 2024
    Love it, love it, love it
    D Rohnda
    May 13, 2024
    Little expensive but great quality. Worth it. this is my second purchase.
    May 1, 2024
    Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I think this works almost immediately for improving focus and mood
    Samira Patel
    April 28, 2024
    Ordered looking for best value for dollar. Saffron arrived in perfect condition, smells great and has excellent flavor when cooked in recipes.
    John Verna
    April 23, 2024
    Love this saffron. It looks high quality, and tastes amazing. I use it for rice usually and a few strands tints the rice a beautiful color and imparts a lovely taste. You can use it for tea as well. You don’t get a lot but a little goes a long way. Great quality saffron.
    Kashmiri Saffron 5 gram photo review
    April 21, 2024
    There were many options of saffron to chose from, but I decided this product was best value for quality and price based on reading the reviews. It does not disappoint. After blooming my saffron, it produced the distinct aroma and color that is so sought after with a quality product. I made the most delicious and beautiful Saffron Rice
    Sonam Chawla
    April 21, 2024
    Sana Khan
    April 19, 2024
    I purchased 2 jars of 5gram at a discounted price. great quality and aroma.
    Kashmiri Saffron 5 gram photo review
    Sanjana Reddy
    April 14, 2024
    I have no doubt that this is an authentic product. Among other ways of checking I put 4 strands in hot water and the strands started oozing out their delicious essence right away and they continued to do so for a very long time after.So it is indeed real saffron with its one of a kind flavor and aroma. If you have never tried real saffron in your cooking do try it there is nothing else in the world that will give you this unique flavor. This spice is all collected by hand plucking each stamen off of the flower head so please appreciate the hard manual labor that went into producing this product for you. The price for the amount of saffron you are getting here is reasonable in fact it is a bargain. It would normally take 3 or 4 strands to flavor a whole pot of rice but given the age this is when it gets to use you may have to use 1 or 2 strands more to get the same effect.
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